Intrigue your customers with a custom secret word game!

Now SecretWord makes it possible for your organization to launch its own secret word game with a custom list of daily secret words.

A custom-branded secret word game, with target words tailored around a particular theme, can engage a company’s customers, inspire an ad agency staffers’ brainstorming, or entertain a Substack’s readers! Write to learn more.

(“SecretWord as a service” was conceived in collaboration with Taegan Goddard, author of the influential political blog/newsletter Political Wire. We’ve known Taegan since shortly after our team launched, the pioneering social media advertising platform from 2002 to 2016.)

One team’s guesses on August 11, 2022’s in pursuit of the secret word “specific” illustrates how secret word hunts often explore various paths or hypotheses before homing in on the day’s word. Here’s an animation of the same hunt’s sequence of guesses.